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Monday, 17 September 2012

HD Brows

I have been seeing my local HD Brows specialist for around the last 4 months i would say! My eye brows used to be very thin and I used to pencil them in! It's only been recently now I have grown my eyebrows back that I realised how dreadful they did look and how great full I am for finding hd brows! A few salons offer the treatment but most work from home like mine who can be looked up online. For £25 you get them waxed, shaped, tinted, and threaded. It's well worth the price and you may need a few visits but this will be my 3rd visit and I am so happy ! The trick to it is to leave them alone!!!! Let your specialist at them and only touch the odd few that appear in the strange places. I feel that the pencil look is far to heavy and have purchased the hd brows kit that most specialists will supply along with a lot of other products I haven't found the need to buy yet.


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