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Monday, 17 September 2012

Fake Tan

I have always been the one girl out of all my friends who's tanning skills no matter how i persevered, are never any good. Especially on my legs! When I tan no matter what product it always leaves a chicken skin look to my legs. I've tried exfoliating until my legs were red! As I heard this could be down to dry skin! But still never works. I think I am one of those people who need to wax as shaving still leaves hair in my pores! I have naturally thick hair even when I shave my legs at night i will be spikey again in the morning! Ah such is life! But the good news is this, these garnier gradual tanning lotions have been a lifesaver! I can use it once and the next morning I have such a natural glow! I use this as my fake tan now as there are no streaks or dots or anything to suggest its fake! Asking as you wash your hands you will be safe! I prefer this to Johnson's the smell is of apricot and Johnson's left me streaky! As well as this being a great product it's a great price and is usually on offer most the time I'm in Superdrug.


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