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Monday, 17 September 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I went to an Estee Lauder counter in debenhams about 5 months ago now. I ran out of my Clinique anti blemish foundation that had lasted me so well! Literally had the 30ml bottle for a year and for some reason wanted to try something else. I was matched to the colour 4N1 wheat 38 which looked so dark in the bottle but looked fine on my cheek in the shop. When I got home I washed my face and tried it on and my god! It was ridiculous! I found that once I had tanned 2 nights in a row with my garnier lotion that it is wearable or if I use the smallest amount and make it spread it is manageable but overall the product is amazing! It will last all day and all night clubbing too so that's not the issue. Its just as usual I wish I was matched correctly but still I can keep it for when I'm tanned but I haven't got round to buying a lighter one yet as I don't want to be matched wrong again
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Benefit Coralista Dupe

I just posted about my disappointment with the coralista blush I bought from benefit. I was in tescos and came across this new very inexpensive makeup line in there called vivo. They stock everything but the baked blushers took my attention they were around £2.99 so I didn't see any harm in buying one. When i got home I realised its not far off from the coralista blush I bought and was disappointed but tried it anyway and my god! The difference between the two is amazing! There was no excessive shimmer or silver mark left it was more of a normal blush but lighter than a normal pink blush. I was very happy and this is my new day to day blush now.
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New Hair

I've recently had a full fringe cut back in! Which I love, I had one around the same time last year and grew it out through boredom really. If I could have 5 heads for different hair styles I would! I've had a black pixi cut about 2 years ago long hair short hair etc! But I think I'm better off blonde! It's cost enough to get back to being blonde anyway so to go back dark would be a big no no for me!
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Benefit Boxes

I have never tried anything from benefit. All my friends love it and I never really saw the reasoning to their prices! I bought hoola and coralista after reading a lot of reviews and I was disappointed the hoola bronzer is nice and subtle but for some reason I have always gone back to my mac mineralise instead. The coralista I found to be far to shimmery for me I tired to use a small amount and it wasn't noticeable then tried more and it left a silver film on my cheeks which I found very odd! Neither of these impressed me sadly as they were both priced ridiculously at about £23 if I remember each!
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Rayban Aviators

I purchased some new ray bans in may in covent garden, I have had my old pair for probably 4 years and fancied a new pair. They are the new foldable range and have a gradient lens also. They come in a small square case that's so much more convenient that carrying a big case they were rather pricey at £160 but that's probably because they were brand new and I'm sure the price will drop. They also do the wayfarer design but that design has never suited my face. Defiantly recommend everyone to opt for these over the normal ones. People always ask oh they must be so flimsy which they aren't at all! And u cant notice in the slightest when there on that they even fold! It's always good aswell if you have them on you to trick some drunk people when you fold them, it mesmerises them! Party trick!
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HD Brows

I have been seeing my local HD Brows specialist for around the last 4 months i would say! My eye brows used to be very thin and I used to pencil them in! It's only been recently now I have grown my eyebrows back that I realised how dreadful they did look and how great full I am for finding hd brows! A few salons offer the treatment but most work from home like mine who can be looked up online. For £25 you get them waxed, shaped, tinted, and threaded. It's well worth the price and you may need a few visits but this will be my 3rd visit and I am so happy ! The trick to it is to leave them alone!!!! Let your specialist at them and only touch the odd few that appear in the strange places. I feel that the pencil look is far to heavy and have purchased the hd brows kit that most specialists will supply along with a lot of other products I haven't found the need to buy yet.
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Fake Tan

I have always been the one girl out of all my friends who's tanning skills no matter how i persevered, are never any good. Especially on my legs! When I tan no matter what product it always leaves a chicken skin look to my legs. I've tried exfoliating until my legs were red! As I heard this could be down to dry skin! But still never works. I think I am one of those people who need to wax as shaving still leaves hair in my pores! I have naturally thick hair even when I shave my legs at night i will be spikey again in the morning! Ah such is life! But the good news is this, these garnier gradual tanning lotions have been a lifesaver! I can use it once and the next morning I have such a natural glow! I use this as my fake tan now as there are no streaks or dots or anything to suggest its fake! Asking as you wash your hands you will be safe! I prefer this to Johnson's the smell is of apricot and Johnson's left me streaky! As well as this being a great product it's a great price and is usually on offer most the time I'm in Superdrug.
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My new tassel bag

I have finally purchased a tassel bag after searching high and low! I found it in a boutique store in Leigh on sea called ruby Rooms. Every time I'm in Leigh I always have a look, they always have something that nowhere else has! Well worth a look If your ever near.
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