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Sunday, 18 November 2012

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, x

I recently bought the product on recommendation from YouTube from a model recommends, Ruth.

She had said she had recently and randomly broke out along the side of her face and jaw which shocked me as that's what I have been experiencing for the last month or so.

I was susspecting it could be my new foundation (Laura mercier silk Creme) but regardless needed to get it sorted. I am on antibiotics and the usual contraceptive pill but I still get spots so was thinking this breakout was hormonal.

I was using the st Eve's apricot scrub for blemishes as i was desperate to just scrub them away but Ruth also mentioned that she finds it best to avoid harsh scrubs as it just aggravates the problem. Which makes sense and I've stopped using it.

I'm In The rut at the moment that I need makeup to hide the mess but the makeup doesn't help the problem. Plus I haven't had a holiday In years so my face isn't tanned at all, making the blemishes even more noticeable.

This Creme is a corrective and unclogging Creme that Ruth has been using morning and night as a usual moisturiser. I'm brand new to this product and even the brand but have defiantly head of it before. It's £13 which isn't expensive and Ruth has said it cleared her up completely. Always better to prevent than to cure! So hoping this will be something that stays in my routine and works!

I have included a picture of the paper inside that came with this to help anyone with what Creme to chose as its a French brand and I think the confusion was what put me off buying anything from them on the first place.

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Recent Glossy Box's, x

I received my November box in the post on Friday along with the special edition box I purchased myself it cost around £20 in addition to the subscription but as you were already told the products that would be in there I needed it in my life!

My November box didn't impress me too much although I was really excited when I saw the dermalogica daily microfoliant. I was thinking of buying this myself anyway so was lucky it was in this box.

Another item I was happy with was the Alison Claire mango body butter. It smells like heaven. It's like actual mango and not the over powering sweetness you get with some butters like the body shop range. That's about all I was impressed with in that box as well as a nice sample size of the Burberry body perfume which is nice for the day, and a definite purchase when I see it.

Now, the box I bought specifically the limited edition one. I already had the Moroccan oil but was great full for the top up! For this size i have purchased it before at £13 in my salon. I have a review i posted months ago on here on the Moroccan oil the shampoo conditioner and the mask and how I love their products for my thick hair.

Next was a cleanser from a brand called mama mio. I looked at the brand online and at first glance looks to be products for pregnant women or new mums. I tried it regardless and it was amazing it felt fresh and I felt clean ! This combined with the dermalogica microfoliant left that squeaky clean feeling but without the tightness. It is sls free so nothing to strip your skin. It contains aloe vera, probiotics, firming proteins, and essential oils. It's£22.50 for 150ml so I will be purchasing.

Next up I tried the ole henriksen truth serum collagen booster. It's 15ml and for this size alone it's £28 which is more than the whole box together. It's a nice serum and one I am using day and night to keep my skin feeling fresh. I was going to buy the Estée Lauder serum after using a tester but glad I didn't as this feels like it's working on your skin.

Next was a sample size of the ren glycolatic radiance renewal mask. It doesn't smell amazing and isn't one I'd use for a relaxing night in but it defiantly worked. It comes out like one of those gel peel off masks and I thought that's what it was going to do. But it stayed sticky on my skin until i washed it off so to me it was like a conditioner for your skin rather than a mask! My skin felt soft and healthy minus the usual blemishes it waked my skin up. Ill defiantly consider purchasing this as it does what it says! I have ordered a sample size of the glam glow mud mask so will try that too before I buy. It's £30 for 50 ml which is cheaper than the glam glow but we shall wait and see!

And lastly in my box was another serum from an australian brand called kosmea, not a brand I've heard of before but it promises to be a radiance booster that u can apply morning and night and costs £29.95 for 10ml so for size and money worth it is more expensive than the ole Henriksen serum but it feels so luxurious and spa like! It's defiantly one ill be keeping for special Occasions or pamper nights.

I love it when I get a glossy box and they are a monthly subscription at £12.50 I think. I enjoy the excitement of getting new products to try and am usually very pleased with what I receive as usually I get some high end products that are nice to try at sample size before you splurge!

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New Foundation Routine, x

I recently bought a new foundation after seeing all the hype about it on YouTube. It's the Laura mercier silk Creme foundation.

I did use a stippling brush for all my foundations but bought another brush from the real techniques range (expert face brush), and gave it a go. First impressions with the foundation were good but i didn't get the same ( second skin, Dewey like ) result everyone else seemed to have. It looked very matte and cakey. So I switched back to the stippling brush and prefer that look more. It's full coverage and I'm the colour cashew beige.

Although the colour does have a grey/ash look to it if you apply too much. It lasts a long while but I'm yet to decide if its worth repurchasing as it is £32.

I'm considering Nars sheer glow or the makeup forever hd foundation next so would welcome any recommendations.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I went to an Estee Lauder counter in debenhams about 5 months ago now. I ran out of my Clinique anti blemish foundation that had lasted me so well! Literally had the 30ml bottle for a year and for some reason wanted to try something else. I was matched to the colour 4N1 wheat 38 which looked so dark in the bottle but looked fine on my cheek in the shop. When I got home I washed my face and tried it on and my god! It was ridiculous! I found that once I had tanned 2 nights in a row with my garnier lotion that it is wearable or if I use the smallest amount and make it spread it is manageable but overall the product is amazing! It will last all day and all night clubbing too so that's not the issue. Its just as usual I wish I was matched correctly but still I can keep it for when I'm tanned but I haven't got round to buying a lighter one yet as I don't want to be matched wrong again
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Benefit Coralista Dupe

I just posted about my disappointment with the coralista blush I bought from benefit. I was in tescos and came across this new very inexpensive makeup line in there called vivo. They stock everything but the baked blushers took my attention they were around £2.99 so I didn't see any harm in buying one. When i got home I realised its not far off from the coralista blush I bought and was disappointed but tried it anyway and my god! The difference between the two is amazing! There was no excessive shimmer or silver mark left it was more of a normal blush but lighter than a normal pink blush. I was very happy and this is my new day to day blush now.
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New Hair

I've recently had a full fringe cut back in! Which I love, I had one around the same time last year and grew it out through boredom really. If I could have 5 heads for different hair styles I would! I've had a black pixi cut about 2 years ago long hair short hair etc! But I think I'm better off blonde! It's cost enough to get back to being blonde anyway so to go back dark would be a big no no for me!
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Benefit Boxes

I have never tried anything from benefit. All my friends love it and I never really saw the reasoning to their prices! I bought hoola and coralista after reading a lot of reviews and I was disappointed the hoola bronzer is nice and subtle but for some reason I have always gone back to my mac mineralise instead. The coralista I found to be far to shimmery for me I tired to use a small amount and it wasn't noticeable then tried more and it left a silver film on my cheeks which I found very odd! Neither of these impressed me sadly as they were both priced ridiculously at about £23 if I remember each!
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